From the beginning of her career (Rome, 1970) to her total immersion in her artistic commitment in Italy and abroad (Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates: Chicago, San Francisco, Dubai), Anna Caser has steadily searched, in shapes and colors, for the harmony between rationality and passion. While heeding the voices of the vanguard, the artist’s painting developed through multiple cultural experiences without ever bowing to current fashions. From her first Post-Cubist achievements, she has known how to develop an exploration into order, harmony and meaning in the apparent chaos of natural forms and human interactions. Fascinated by the study of “fractals,” she goes back to the genetic pattern of the elements of nature using the modular fractalization that creates order in graphic space, giving birth to unpredictable orders for the subsequent serialisation of small modules, where dreams and fairy tales come to dwell.  The result is that of an intense painting, not without distance or irony, where the preparation of the canvas background and the shattering of geometry and color achieve an original yet formal unity.

With the new century, for the first time, digital techniques and computer processing have arrived alongside more traditional painting techniques, and imagination has easily harnessed the power to tune the world into the artist’s visionary capacity. Anna Caser in this series of paintings shows how her continuous, tenacious path, often noted in Dino Formaggio’s criticism, has made an important technical breakthrough.

Ultimately, this experimentation has brought the artist to avail herself also of collaborations, founding the ACCA group with artist Adriano Cecco. The two artists, although coming from different artistic paths and training, participate in a shared project, creating diverse installations.



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